When starting or redesigning a Website for a Small Business, we always start with keyword research for SEO and keyword analysis for SEO. Finding and understanding the keywords that drive customers to your website is vital to a successful website design.

How to do keyword research?

Keyword research for SEO is the process of searching for keywords that you will use in your website, finding the keywords, and logging them. Below, we describe a two-prong approach on how to do keyword research; find, keywords, and analyze the potential keywords for targeting your intended audience.

How to Find Keywords?

To find keywords for your website, we first ask clients to answer a simple questionnaire about their business and products/services. After, and only after that is done, we use external resources to help us find keywords people are searching on the Internet.

  1. Questionnaire about your company and how it fits in the industry
  2. Resources to find Keywords

1. Questions to ask yourself before starting or redesigning a small business website.

The objective here is to organize yourself in such a way that will help you or the web designer when they start the keyword research for SEO.

Answer the questions above and write down the products, services, and categories you do business in. Make a list of product categories thinking of how an actual customer would search for your product or service on the internet. The more in depth you answer the above questions, the easier it will be to research and find useful keywords that will attract customers to the website.

With your questionnaire answers in mind, use your personal and business knowledge to brainstorm keywords and compile a list that you will sort and organize. When brainstorming, you will want to have an open mind. Defer ruling out ideas focusing on the quantity at this point. You can use tools to help you find more keywords.

Next, it will be time to focus on your Website Marketing. This is something you can dedicate your time and attention to, or you may decide to contact a company that specializes in Website Marketing Services.