A website without visitors is just a fancy business card collecting dust on a shelf. That is why you need a website marketing service company that will help you rank for specific content. SEO or Search Engine Optimization has two parts to it. What you do inside your website, we call that Technical SEO and On-Page website optimization. We do that automatically with our web design services.

However, to rank, you need to go beyond that. Every website needs a SEO backlink strategy and an established social media presence. This is what is called off-page SEO. A time consuming process or actions taken outside of your website pages. Yes, we can help you with both depending on your needs.

Website Marketing Services Houston TX USA

SEO Backlink Services

The backbone of great website ranking is getting high quality backlinks. And when we say getting backlinks, we don’t mean spamming or paying link farms. We are talking about the tedious and time consuming process of finding potential sites that would be willing to backlink to your site and asking them for a link.

But where the backlink lands is as important as the link itself. Our SEO backlink services will improve your webpage rank as long as the pages are formatted correctly and end users have a good user experience (UX). So, the quality of the content is equally important. Website Designer Bee will only offer our website marketing services as long as your small business is committed to systematically improving the content of the site. Of course, we will guide you. One way we do that is by doing keyword research for SEO to guide you. This is part our of web design services that includes managed website content.

Web Marketing Activities

  • Article Marketing

  • Image Sharing

  • Google & Bing Business Listing

  • Google Business Listing Submission

  • Social Marketing

  • Business Directory Listing

High Quality Content

Our website marketing services will depend heavily on high quality content on the site. What does high quality content mean? Simply speaking, it is content that real people are searching for and wanting to consume. Once they find find it, the content answers questions the reader is searching for. Signals of high quality content include the willingness to share, save, and the time users spend on the page. The prerequisites of high quality content are length, grammar, spelling, and visual appeal. However, that is just a start. For example, in a service business, you can describe your services in a matter that explains the why, the how, and even the process of how the service will be provided. Showing pictures and even a video of the services will certainly be helpful.

The image of our customer, Houston Landscape Pros, shows a real world example of a high-quality content for Landscape Drainage for a local company servicing Houston, TX. This page provides the reader options, explanation of the options, along with pros and cons of each type of drainage solution. It also links the reader to additional information if they want to learn more about each drainage solution. They constantly rank #1 both in the Houston Google map and search engine result page (SERP).

High Quality Content Example

Quality Content Example

Social Media in Business

Social Media in Business

It is debatable whether social media profiles help SEO. What is clear is that small businesses need a well established social media presence. When done properly, social media will help build brand awareness and possibly an audience. In addition, for many business it is an affordable way to market your product or services. It is easy to target a specific demographic at an affordable price when compared to search engine ads. When combined with a well built website, social media posting and advertising can make an impact on any business revenue stream.

Depending on your needs, Website Designer Bee will can help you with your postings or simply advise you on your strategy. Visit our page called, “How much do websites cost?” to learn more.